Cryosectioning / Immunogold Workshop

Five days of hands-on training for students, researchers, and microscopists who want to learn the most up to date theory and practice in cryosectioning and immunogold labeling.

Our faculty includes leading experts

Peter van de Plas

Peter has a background in histology and immunocytochemistry and joined Aurion in 1991. During the pioneering phase of Aurion in the early nineties, he worked closely with Dr. Leunissen in founding a firm basis for Aurion. He contributed not only to the development of product applications, but also in designing the Aurion Immunogold Silver Staining workshop. He has been invited to many international microscopy conferences and workshops, and is especially experienced in providing hands-on training. Former workshop attendees and customers appreciate Peter for his technical support on, and his thorough knowledge of, the Immunogold silver staining techniques. The Aurion Immunogold workshops in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US have all been fully attended and very well received.

Helmut Gnaegi

Helmut's background is in engineering and he is one of the founders of DiATOME, the leading supplier of diamond knives and related accessories, such as ionizers and manipulators, etc. He is also one of the leading instructors for ultramicrotomy courses (Biological and Materials) around the world.

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