Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we are constantly being asked many questions about our DiATOME diamond knives Below are some of the frequently asked ones and our answers.

How does a DiATOME knife get resharpened and how many times can it be resharpened?

See Knife Resharpening

I have damaged the boat as well as the resin around my diamond and now I have issues wetting the knife edge.  What can we do?

When you send a knife to us for resharpening we will automatically replace your boat and repair the resin at no charge if it is either damaged, discolored, or at your request.

How long does a diamond knife edge last between resharpenings?

This is a difficult question to answer and depends on many factors.

  • Block face inclusions
  • Trimming with a razor blade, glass knives, or similar items as opposed to trimming with a diamond trimming blade
  • Accidents

In general, the maximum life of each resharpening will be achieved when making sure you trim with a diamond trimming tool and check for inclusions in your block face prior to sectioning.

Why should I purchase a 35° knife rather than a 45°?

The 35-degree knife has shown considerable reduction in compression, smoother section surfaces, and improved structural preservation. 

How do I clean my diamond knife?


Does DiATOME Have a Guarantee for their Diamond knives?

Before delivery, each knife, new or resharpened, is subject to extensive testing. Only if its performance is to the highest standards, will we ship it. In the unlikely event that you experience difficulties, or for any reason are unhappy with the performance of your knife, contact us immediately. Your short description will allow us to solve the problem to your full satisfaction.