Brochures & Manuals

DiATOME Brochure

Download DiATOME 2023 Brochure (pdf)

Contains the Use Manual, Characteristics, Manufacturing, Applications, and more.

DiATOME Brochure

Download DiATOME Knife Handling & Use Manual

This manual was written in order to allow you easy handling and use of our knives.

DiATOME Brochure

Download DiATOME ultra sonic Maxi Brochure (pdf)

The ultra sonic knife with the large boat for biological applications.

DiATOME Brochure

Download DiATOME CEMOVIS Brochure (pdf)

The knives for sectioning vitrified cells and tissues.

DiATOME Brochure

CRYO manual (pdf)

Topographic contrast of ultrathin cryo sections for correlative superresolutionlight and electron microscopy.

DiATOME Brochure

Diamond Cleavers (pdf)

Diamond cleavers for fiber optic scoring.

Perfect Loop for Room Temperature and CryoSectioning

Step by step instructions on using the Perfect Loop for CryoSectioning.

ultra sonic Handling & Control Unit Manual

Manual and instructions on how to use the ultra sonic diamond knife.