DiATOME AFM Diamond Knives

  • Muscle of cat's mite Otodectes cynotis
    AFM amplitude image of the muscle of cat's mite Otodectes cynotis. The contrast covers amplitude variation in the 1-3nm range. Size of the whole image equals 4.6microns. Nadejda Borisovna Matsko, Institut für angewandte Physik, ETH Zürich.
  • Blend of two SBS block copolymers
    Morphology of a blend of two SBS block copolymers with different chain-architecture. AFM tapping mode, phase image, image size = 3x3µm. Rameshwar Adhikari, Institut für Werkstoffwissenschaft, Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg.
  • polyethylene
    Top-view, light shaded AFM image of a cryomicrotomed surface of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene. The arrows indicate zones with lamellae splitting. P.H. Vallotton, Materials Science Division, Lawrence Berkley Laboratory. References Ref 1: P.H. Vallotton, M.M. Denn, B.A. Wood and M.B. Salmeron: Comparison of medical-grade ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene microstructure by atomic force microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. J. Biomater. Sci. Polymer Edn., Vol 6, No. 7, 609-620, 1994. Top of Page
  • AFM image of a gold surface
    Sectioned with an ultra AFM knife, section thickness 15nm. Scan 40x40µm, average roughness 1.28nm. Robert Ranner, Leica Microsystems GmbH, Vienna.
  • Superconducting oxide Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu2O8 (BSCCO)
    Sample surfaced with a Diatome ultra AFM diamond knife, feed 20nm.
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