Swiss diamond cleavers for critical cutting of optical fibers

Custom Diamond Cleavers

DiATOME diamond cleavers are hand crafted of single crystal, high quality, natural diamonds.  Each diamond is lapped and polished to an outstanding finish, and to the customer's specifications.

The diamonds are made with the sharpest possible edge so the user can cleave with less pressure, and more precision.  The result is a distortion free cleave.

Our major fiber optic activity is the manufacture of custom cleavers set into a fixture of your design.  The fixturing is such that all our diamonds can be re-sharpened.

The cleavers can be inserted into termination tools, cleave and crimp tools, for general lab and field use.

We would be pleased to quote on your requirements.

Hand-Held Diamond Cleaver

DiATOME cleavers are handcrafted in Switzerland of single crystal, gem-quality diamonds.  Each crystal is chosen for its particular shape and critical direction of grain.  Then each is precision lapped, under sensitive hand pressure, and polished to an outstanding finish by experienced technicians.  The DiATOME technique produces a sharper edge, so you can cleave with less pressure - and more precision.

  • Diamond edge - 2.0mm minimum
  • Diamond retracts into aluminum body
  • Custom edges available
  • Guaranteed resharpening
  • Length 5½"
  • Pocket Clip
  • Delivery from stock

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