histo Diamond Knives


DiATOME histo knives and their applications

  • High quality diamonds guarantee perfect sections and a durable cutting edge
  • Easy wetting cutting edge
  • Optimised serial sectioning
  • Large boat for easy pick-up
Knife type Knife angle Size
range [µm]
Boat type Code
(new knife)*
histo 45° 4.0mm

0.2-2 histo boat 40-HIS

Sectioning biological and industrial materials specimens for optical microscopy 

histo Jumbo 45° 6.0mm
0.2-2 Jumbo boat 60-HISJ

Large boat for serial sectioning

histo cryo


0.2-2 histo holder 40-HDC

Sectioning biological and materials specimens for optical microscopy

histo cryo
45° 4.0mm
0.2-2 Small histo boat 40-HWC

Wet sectioning of polymers (with DMSO/water mixture)

* Product Codes shown are for new knives.
To order a resharpened knife, add “R” to the Product Code that corresponds to your knife.
Example: Product Code 40-HISR = Resharpened histo 4.0mm Knife.
Histo, histo Jumbo, and histo cryo can be exchanged. To order an exchanged knife, add “E” to the Product Code.
Example: Product Code 60-HISJE = Exchange of a histo Jumbo 6.0mm Knife.


The histo knife is designed for the sectioning of hard and soft biological and material research specimens, non embedded or embedded in acrylic or epoxy resins (O. L. Reymond, Bas. Appl. Histochem. 30, pp. 487 – 494, 1986).

Our histo knives can be used on all ultramicrotomes as well as on microtomes with a retraction of the specimen arm in the return phase

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Nondecalcifi ed rat bone. Scale: 35 mm = 100 μm. Daniel Studer, Anatomisches Institut, Bern.

histo cryo

Our histo cryo knives are delivered with a boat for wet sectioning using a DMSO/water mixture or in triangular holders for dry sectioning

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histo cryo

E. B. Hunziker, M. E. Müller, Institute for Biomechanics, University of Bern. Rabbit joint, calcified cartilage/bone. X760

histo Jumbo

For 3D reconstruction it is imperative not to lose a single section (M. J. F. Blumer et al., Journal of Neuroscience Methods 120, pp. 11 – 16, 2002).

The large Jumbo boat as well as the adhesive (Pattex compact by Henkel) applied to the upper side of the sample block increase the distinct advantages of our histo knives.

They allow:

  • easy production of section ribbons (0.5 – 2 μm)
  • no section loss
  • no folding
  • the same orientation of all sections
  • easy collection of section ribbons
  • multiple ribbons on one glass slide
  • perfect for immuno-histochemistry

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histo cryo

Eye of A. peroni: photographic sequence of some semithin sections of a complete serie through the eye.
L = lens; RE = retina.
Michael J. F. Blumer, Institut für Zoologie, Universität Wien.
Reprinted from: Ribbons of semithin sections: an advanced method with a new type of diamond knife. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 120, pp. 11 – 16, 2002, with permission from Elsevier.