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Dear customer,

DiATOME Diamond Knives – Development, manufacturing and customer service since 1970.

Our developments in this period:

Product Description
ultra 45° the diamond knife with a hydrophilic cutting edge, allowing high quality ultrathin sections of epoxi resin embedded samples
ultra 35° the low angle diamond knife for reduced compression and better structure preservation
histo the first diamond knife for cutting semithin sections for the observation in the optical microscope
cryo the diamond knife for cutting in the cryo-ultramicrotome
Static Line Ionizer for eliminating electrostatic charging
cryo immuno the knife with a large diamond platform fascilitating pick-up of cryo sections from sucrose infiltrated samples (Tokuyasu)
cryo 25° the low angle diamond knife for sectioning frozen hydrated samples (CEMOVIS)
ultra AFM and cryo AFM the knives for generating absolutely smooth and flat surfaces of biological and technical samples for the observation in the AFM
ultra sonic the oscillating diamond knife for eliminating compression and allowing best structure preservation
accessories such as pick-up loops, special forceps, special knife boats, etc.

These developments were possible by the co-operation with you, our valued customers.

We are convinced that also in the future new developments are possible and that our knives may be adapted to the changing requirements.

Make use of our many years of experience in perfecting our knives. With a telephone call or an email, we can inform you of any details you require.

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